AC Cottage in Rishikesh

2 Days

Welcome to our charming AC cottage in the heart of Rishikesh, where comfort meets serenity. Nestled amidst lush greenery and the tranquil sounds of nature, our cottage offers a perfect getaway for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Perks of AC Cottages

Come and experience the tranquil charm of Rishikesh while enjoying the comforts of our AC cottage. Let the soothing ambiance and warm hospitality make your stay truly memorable. Book your escape today and create unforgettable memories in the lap of nature.

Lavish Accommodations

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a cozy and tastefully designed interior. The air-conditioned living space is thoughtfully furnished to provide you with all the modern amenities while maintaining a rustic charm. Where you can unwind after a day of exploring the spiritual and adventurous offerings of Rishikesh.

Unplug and Reconnect

Unlike crowded hotels, Cottages in Rishikesh offer a sense of privacy and seclusion. The peaceful ambiance allows you to disconnect from the outside world and rejuvenate your senses. With limited or no internet access, Cottages provides an opportunity to unplug from digital distractions and reconnect with loved ones or yourself. It’s a chance to live in the present and savor the moments of tranquility.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is a top priority at luxury camps, with well-trained staff to ensure guests’ well-being. Whether it’s assisting with adventurous activities or providing medical aid, the staff is well-equipped to handle any situation.


Our team will warmly welcome you and escort you to your charming AC cottage. As you settle in, take a moment to breathe in the fresh mountain air and soak in the picturesque surroundings. Unwind in the cottage’s cozy interiors, enjoying the modern amenities while feeling the soothing presence of nature just outside your window.


  • AC Cottages.
  • Attached Washroom with Geyser.
  • 3 Meals, 1 Snacks.
  • Veg/Non Veg in Dinner.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Small Swing Ride.
  • Music till 10 Pm.


11:00 AM - Check-in and Arrival.
Upon your arrival at the Cottages in Rishikesh, you'll be greeted by the friendly Cottage staff. Check-in to your Cottage and take some time to freshen up.

1:00 PM - Lunch.
Head to the dining area to savor a delicious and wholesome lunch, prepared with local flavors and ingredients. Enjoy the serene surroundings while you dine.

Afternoon - Leisure and Relaxation.
After lunch, take some time to relax and unwind in the cozy comforts of your Cottage. You can choose to indulge in a peaceful nap or explore the campsite's beautiful surroundings.

6:00 PM - Evening Snacks.
As the evening approaches, treat yourself to some delectable evening snacks and hot beverages. The camp staff will be happy to serve you with a smile.

7:00 PM - Music and Bonefire.
Gather around the bonefire with fellow Cottages and share stories or engage in light-hearted conversations. The crackling fire and starry night sky. Enjoy with Music create the perfect ambiance for a memorable evening.

8:00 PM - Stargazing and Nature Walk
Embark on a guided stargazing session to marvel at the celestial wonders above. Experience the serenity of the night as you take a leisurely nature walk around the Cottages.

9:00 PM - Dinner
Relish a sumptuous dinner served at the dining area. The camp chefs will present you with a delightful array of dishes, satisfying both your taste buds and appetite.

10:00 PM - Relaxation and Slumber
After dinner, you can either continue socializing with fellow campers or retreat to the comfort of your tent. Enjoy a good night's sleep amidst the tranquil ambiance of the campsite.

7:00 AM - Morning Yoga and Meditation (@500 PP Extra)
Start your day with rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions, guided by experienced instructors. The pristine morning surroundings provide the perfect setting for inner peace and mindfulness.

8:00 AM - Breakfast
Indulge in a wholesome breakfast with a variety of options to choose from. The Cottage ensures that you have a fulfilling meal to kickstart your day.

10:00 AM - Adventure Activities (on Addition charges) and checkout
For the adventure seekers, the camp offers a range of thrilling activities like river rafting, Bungee Jumping, trekking or zip-lining. Participate in the ones that interest you and get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience. Check-out from your Cottages, carrying with you the memories of a wonderful luxury Cottages experience.


Cost Includes

  • 01 Night/ 02 Days stay in Cottages. 🏕 🏕 🏕
  • Food Plan- APAI Plan
  • Lunch 🍱🌮
  • Evening Snacks 🍟🍿
  • Dinner(Veg-Non veg)
  • Breakfast 🍵🍰🥪
  • Swimming Pool
  • Attached Washrooms🎪
  • Ac and geyser available
  • Bedding on trpl/quad⛺
  • Light Music 🎧🎤🎬 7pm to 10pm
  • Nature walk 🚶‍♀
  • Breakfast:- Aaloo Poori/ Chhole Poori/ Stuffed Parantha (Any one of these), Bread, Butter, Jam, Poha, Tea
  • Lunch :- Daal, Rice, Sabzi, Roti, Salad, Raayta, pickle.
  • Evening Snacks:- Pakora, Papad, Chana Chaat, Tea
  • Dinner :- Chicken, Paneer, Daal, Rice, Roti, Salad, Pickle, Sweet Dish

Cost Excludes

  • Any type of Transpotation
  • Any Other Activity like Rafting, Bungee, Treeking, Zipline etc.
  • Parking
  • Toothpaste
  • Alcohol
  • Towel


Is Cottage's suitable for families?

Absolutely! Cottages in Rishikesh caters to families, providing spacious accommodations and kid-friendly activities.

Can I experience adventure activities while camping in Rishikesh?

Yes, you can! We offer adventure packages that include activities like rafting, Bungee, Zipline, Giant Swing, trekking and more.

What is the best time to go camping in Rishikesh?

The best time for camping in Rishikesh is during the months of September to December and then from March to June. The weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities during these periods.

How do I book a camping site in Rishikesh?

You can book a camping site in Rishikesh through Bluemoon Holidays, online platforms, or directly on the websites of camping operators. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Distance and Price?

Distance From Rishikesh:- Camping Side is situated in Shivpuri, which is a picturesque town located just a short distance away from Rishikesh. You can easily reach Shivpuri from Rishikesh in under 30 minutes.

Distance From Delhi:- For those traveling from Delhi, Shivpuri is approximately a 6 to 7-hour drive, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway filled with adventure and excitement.

Price:- 1600 Per Person (Qurd Sharing), 1800 Per Person (Triple Sharing) and 2000 Per Person (Couple Sharing)


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AC Cottage in Rishikesh